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How Long is a Moment?
By Oscar S. Cisneros [ Download in MP3 ]

How long is a moment? Some say, a moment spent gazing into a lover's eyes is like an eternity. But eternity is a long time, much longer than the fleeting passions flickering in the eyes of two people in love. Still, there is that stillness. Those sleepy-eyed blinks shared between lapses of slumber at night and quiet glances exchanged in noisy bars.

A moment can be a very long time when shared in a bed with the world kept firmly at bay. Shut out, shuttered away, the world seems but a distant memory with only the cackles of madmen and youths piercing the walls. And who cares about the noise anyway? When one is sharing a moment with the one one loves.

But how long does that moment last? There is a species of embrace that lives forever and then there those whose warmth is lost like a morning dream freshly forgotten. Yet some moments persist in dreams shared over and over with the one one loves. Father Time is always there. The chaperone holds the sands of the hourglass in his porous hands and reminds us: that moment has passed.

There is only one way to know how long "just a moment" will last. Share the moment. Share it for while or share it forever.

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