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I've written and self-published two books of poetry. My most recent work is The History of Dying Stars, a book which includes my most recent poetry and 16 different artworks by 12 different artists. During my studies at UC Berkeley's School of Law I wrote The Flower Queen, a book featuring my poetry and my mother's artwork.

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Poetry From The History of Dying Stars

  • The History of Dying Stars
  • One Candle Lights Another
  • Poetry From The Flower Queen

  • Where Marionettes Mock Their Manipulators [MP3]
  • Love Like Urban Vines
  • The Girl With Vomit Eyes
  • Bajo Luz de Luna [MP3]
  • The Vending Machine [MP3]
  • A Child Carrying a Child
  • The Way of the Reed, the Strength of the Palm [MP3]
  • How Long is a Moment? [MP3]

  • Other Writings

  • Modern Day Proverbs
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