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Listen up to these streaming radio interviews at Wired News Audio Spin and TechTV Radio.

Internet Radio Interviews

ICANN Uploads New Domains
17.Nov.2000 PDT I chatted with the good peeps at TechTV Radio about the new top level domains selected by the ICANN board of directors.

Domain Name Game
18.Sept.2000 PDT TechTV Radio interviews me about the use of trademark applications to "register" domain names in registries that have yet to be created.

Discussing Domains
12:00 p.m. 2.Aug.2000 PDT Want to be master of your domain? It'll cost you. Reporter Oscar S. Cisneros explains the issues behind ICANN's accepting suggestions for new top-level domains.

EBay Forgives no Trespasses
12:15 p.m. 31.Jul.2000 PDT EBay wants auction crawler site Bidder's Edge to stop crawling eBay servers for listings. Reporter Oscar S. Cisneros explains the legal implications of eBay's no-trespass claim.



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